Oxygen Mask Mold: Which Oxygen Mask Do You Need?


If you have seen a medical drama on TV, you have alread […]

If you have seen a medical drama on TV, you have already seen one or two oxygen masks. An oxygen mask is used to transfer oxygen from the reservoir to the lungs. The mask usually covers the nose and mouth, but sometimes the mask may cover the entire face. If only covering the mouth and nose, it is called a nasal mask. If it covers the entire face, it is called a full face mask.


An oxygen mask made of plastic, silicone or rubber can be used. Healthcare providers typically choose plastic oxygen masks. The plastic version of the mask is inexpensive and disposable, so it is easy to maintain. It is also very lightweight, so you don't feel uncomfortable when wearing a patient. The biggest advantage of a plastic oxygen mask is that the medical staff can see the patient's face. This makes it easy to see if the patient has any pain or distress.


Oxygen masks come in a variety of styles. More than two oxygen masks are used in the medical field. However, the following three types are the most commonly used types in hospital settings:

The most widely used type is a simple oxygen mask. The oxygen mask is used for non-life-threatening conditions that may worsen. For example, if a patient is admitted to a chest pain, the doctor is likely to have the patient wear a simple mask.

It can be set to deliver a certain amount of oxygen to the patient, but the oxygen may be diluted by the air in the room. Therefore, if the oxygen mask is loosely installed, a large amount of air may enter and mix with oxygen.

There is a device that can be connected to a simple oxygen mask to help control oxygen concentration called an oxygen concentrator. It can help, but it does not completely control the oxygen flow.

Non-breathing oxygen masks are suitable for harsher conditions. The oxygen mask can be used for severe trauma, carbon monoxide poisoning or other diseases that require the patient to absorb large amounts of oxygen.

It uses a gas bag and oxygen enters between breaths. The oxygen mask also has a valve that blocks air from entering the mask. In severe cases, it is important to allow patients to receive pure oxygen that has not been diluted by conventional air. Therefore, unlike other oxygen masks that sometimes allow the patient to breathe pure air, this oxygen mask will never.

They are called non-breathing oxygen masks because they don't need breathing help, they only need oxygen.

The last of these three types of oxygen masks is called a pocket valve mask. This applies to critically ill patients who have difficulty breathing or stop breathing completely. This mask provides 100% pure oxygen. It also has a bag that must be manually squeezed to help the patient breathe. The bag can do the work that the lungs can't do.

You must ensure that the correct oxygen mask is selected as appropriate. If you provide home medical services, you may need a simple mask in an emergency. If you need more serious help, you will need the help of a doctor. For people working in a medical facility, you may need more than one type of mask.

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