Oxygen Mask Mould-How Does Hi-Ox-High Fio2 Oxygen Mask Work?


To maximize the release of delivered oxygen, the breath […]

To maximize the release of delivered oxygen, the breathing holes on the mask should be removed. These holes can also dilute the 3-valve system that excites oxygen to separate the oxygen in the air bag from the exhalation path to the room. The opening pressure of Hi-Ox's third dilution valve is slightly higher, and it opens only after emptying the reservoir bag, so indoor air will be added at the end of the breath in sequence. Using the patient's anatomical dead space of about 150 milliliters, it does not participate in gas exchange, and the oxygen concentration of the gas in the respiratory tract transports FiO2 to the alveoli.

During exhalation, the patient's breath only flows from the exhalation valve. There is no hole in the hood for exhalation. During this time, the oxygen flow enters the Hi-Ox filled suction tank

In the patient's inspiration, 100% of the oxygen entering the Hi-Ox flows upward through the inhalation valve to the non-apertured dilution of the mask. Oxygen source also serves as a reservoir for dilution valves and suction ports.

If the patient has an inspiratory demand that exceeds the 0.75-liter tank (and the tank is emptied), the dilution valve
There will be room air in the dead corner that will open and fill the patient. Filling the non-gas exchange dead zone limits the alveolar reduction of oxygen.


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