Product Features of Sterile Syringe Mould


A sterile syringe with a needle is composed of a jacket […]

A sterile syringe with a needle is composed of a jacket, a core rod, a piston, and a dispensing needle (optional, consisting of a sheath, a needle tube, and a needle seat). The jacket, core rod, and needle seat and sheath of the dispensing needle are all in compliance with YY/T0242 standards It is made of specified polypropylene raw materials, the piston is made of natural rubber that meets the requirements of the YY/T0243 standard, and the injection needle is made of an austenitic stainless steel needle tube that meets the requirements of the GB18457 standard. The product should be sterile and pyrogen-free. The residual amount of ethylene oxide is less than or equal to 10ug/g.

After the sterile syringe with the needle is matched with a disposable injection needle, it can be used for intradermal, subcutaneous injection or blood drawing of the human body. It can also be matched with an intravenous infusion needle for intravenous injection of liquid medicine into the human body. The standard, specification, model and batch number of this product, Whether to bring a needle, date of manufacture, whether sterilized by ethylene oxide, sterilization expiration date, matters needing attention, manufacturer and manufacturer information.

Scope of application:

Sterile syringe with needle is suitable for clinical liquid withdrawal or preparation of liquid medicine.


1. Fully imported raw materials: The outer cover is transparent, easy to observe, and the scale ink has strong adhesion and will not fall off.

2. Versatility: The 6:100 conical joint produced according to international standards can be used with any product with a 6:100 conical joint.

3. Unique anti-slip structure: can prevent the core rod from accidentally slipping out of the jacket.

4. Various forms: middle head type, offset head type, in-line type, screw type, three-piece type, complete specifications, to meet the needs of different customers.

5. A variety of small packaging forms: all-plastic packaging, paper-plastic packaging and other forms are available, customers can choose by themselves, and the specifications of the needle are in accordance with the customer contract.

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