Syringe Mould-Plastic Syringe Storage Environment


The plastic syringe is mainly composed of five parts: a […]

The plastic syringe is mainly composed of five parts: a jacket, a core rod, a piston, a positioning ring and a protective cap. It is made of imported raw materials and is produced by an injection moulding process. The syringe is mainly used to hold veterinary drugs and inject animals. The main sterilization method of this product is ethylene oxide sterilization or cobalt 60 sterilization. Can effectively ensure that the product is in a sterile state before use. The scale value can be printed on the push rod to ensure the accuracy of medication.


The storage environment of plastic syringes needs to meet the following points:

1.Ensure that the plastic syringe will not be exposed to sunlight for a long time.

2.Keep it out of the reach of children.

3.Do not place the syringe in a damp and cold environment.

4.Prevent the syringe from falling from a height.

5.Fasten the protective cap of the pre-filled syringe filled with liquid medicine to prevent the overflow of liquid medicine.

6.Avoid direct contact with other chemical solvents.

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